Who wrote song home? (2024)

Who wrote song home?

"Home" is a song by Canadian singer Michael Bublé, and released on January 24, 2005, as the first single from his fourth studio album, It's Time. The song was written by Bublé, along with co-writers Alan Chang and Amy Foster-Gillies.

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Who originally sang the song Home?

“Home” was originally recorded by Michael Buble in 2005. Then, Blake Shelton made his country style rendition in 2008. Both their interpretations have reached the music lovers all over the world.

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Who wrote Blake Shelton's song Home?

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Michael Steven Bublé OC OBC is a Canadian singer. He is often credited for helping to renew public interest and appreciation for traditional pop standards and the Great American Songbook. In 2003, Bublé's first album reached the top ten in Canada and the United Kingdom.

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Why did Michael Buble write Home?

'Home' (2005)

Michael wrote this song for his then-fiancée, Debbie Timuss, describing the pain of being away from her while touring in Europe. Fellow songwriter and pianist Alan explained: "[Michael] had the first few lines of the song written when he came to sound check one day.

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Who wrote the song Home by Alan Jackson?

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Alan Eugene Jackson is an American singer-songwriter. He is known for performing a style widely regarded as "neotraditional country", as well as penning many of his own songs. Jackson has recorded 16 studio albums, three greatest-hits albums, two Christmas albums, and two gospel albums.

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Was Home written by Michael Buble?

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Did Jennifer Lopez sing in Home?

"Feel the Light" is a ballad song recorded by American singer Jennifer Lopez for the soundtrack of the 2015 film, Home.

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Who is Blake Shelton's husband?

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Did Blake Shelton sell his music rights?

Blake Shelton sold his master recordings earlier this month (Oct. 4), according to a press release from PR Newswire. Influence Media Partners invested in the “No Body” singer's musical catalog, in what was dubbed a “groundbreaking deal,” the same press…

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Who will take Blake Shelton's place when he leaves The Voice?

Following Blake Shelton's upcoming exit from The Voice after 23 seasons, NBC announced Reba McEntire will fill his seat as a coach on season 24, premiering later this year.

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What is the meaning behind the song home?

In an interview about the song, Foster-Gillies remarked that the lyrices were “about just the difficulties of being away from home” and they tried to work out a balance between “… longing to be home but still knowing there is a gratefulness about where he is.”

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What songs did Michael Buble actually write?

Songs Written by Michael Buble
  • Hold On. (Guitar and Piano) All That Remains.
  • Cold December Night. (Flute & Piccolo) Michael Buble.
  • Lost. (Piano) Avenged Sevenfold.
  • Home. (Guitar) Alter Bridge.
  • Home. (Guitar and Piano) Alter Bridge.
  • Home. (Piano) Alter Bridge.
  • Home. (Piano) Alter Bridge.
  • Home. Westlife.

Who wrote song home? (2024)

Who originally wrote Home by Michael Buble?

"Home" is a song by Canadian singer Michael Bublé, and released on January 24, 2005, as the first single from his fourth studio album, It's Time. The song was written by Bublé, along with co-writers Alan Chang and Amy Foster-Gillies.

Did Michael Jackson write any of his own music?

As a songwriter, he penned more than 150 songs, with more than 20 reaching multi-million performance status on American radio and television. Jackson came a long way since bursting onto the charts in 1969 as the Jackson Five's magnetic 10 year-old lead singer.

How many of Alan Jackson songs did he write?

Building on the success of his 1990s run, Jackson has been a consistent hitmaker ever since, with sales topping 60 million, a whopping 35 #1 hits (26 of which he wrote or co-wrote), two Grammys, 17 CMAs, 16 ACMs and over 50 ASCAP Awards.

Who did Michael Jackson wrote for?

By the '80s, Jackson was already writing and producing songs with everyone from Diana Ross, Jennifer Holliday, sisters Rebbie, LaToya and Janet Jackson, and Paul McCartney, among others.

How much is Michael Bublé house worth?

The home of Canadian crooner Michael Bublé just went up in value by $1.85 million in the last year, according to BC Assessment. In 2022, BC Assessment pegged the value of the home at $23,679,000. Now, after the latest assessment, its total value is $25,529,000.

Who was Michael Bublé first wife?

Michael Bublé's first wife was Debbie Timuss, an actress and model from Vancouver, Canada. The couple married in 2005 and had a son together before divorcing in 2008. Despite their divorce, the two have remained on good terms and Bublé has publicly praised her for her parenting skills.

Who made Michael Bublé famous?

His break came in 2000 when he sang at the wedding of the daughter of former Canadian prime minister Brian Mulroney, who introduced him to the Grammy Award-winning producer and arranger David Foster.

Is it true JLo doesn t sing her own songs?

Many of her songs are 100% her. But others use vocals of other women for choruses and ad libs, and while these talents are often credited as background singers, Jennifer lip-synchs the lyrics in accompanying music videos.

Who is the girl singing in home?

The song is a duet between Alex Ebert and Jade Castrinos, with portions of spoken word from both. It features prominent use of whistling.

Does Rihanna sing in the movie Home?

Rihanna was the voice of the main human character Tip Tucci in DreamWorks Animation's Home. Taken from her 2010 album Loud, Rihanna's massively popular song "Only Girl (In the World)" could be heard in the film. Rihanna also worked on a concept album of the same name, becoming the executive producer of the soundtrack.

Who is Blake Shelton's best friend?

CARSON Daly and Blake Shelton are the co-hosts of an exciting new bar-games based show, Barmageddon. But the two stars have been best buddies for a long time.

Did Blake and Gwen have a baby?

Share this: Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton left fans going gaga when they delivered a sweet update on their expanding family. The couple and her three boys, Apollo, nine, Zuma, 14, and Kingston, 16, recently welcomed six kittens to their brood and Gwen can't get enough of them.

Are Blake and his wife still together?

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been happily married since 2021 after meeting each other when they were both coaches on The Voice.


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