Home depot return policy on lumber? (2023)

Can lumber be returned to Home Depot?

Simply take your purchase back to any Home Depot and get your money back instantly or exchange for something else. Be sure to bring a copy of your receipt or shipping confirmation email, credit card you used for the item and valid I.D.

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Does Home Depot accept cut wood?

Get your wood cut twice for free at Home Depot.

If other DIYers didn't want their scraps, you may be able to score wood scraps for up to 70% off — or even free.

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Can you return unused lumber to Lowes?

If you're not completely satisfied with your Lowe's purchase, simply return the merchandise to any Lowe's store in the US. Most new, unused merchandise can be refunded or exchanged with proof of purchase within 90 days of the original purchase date, unless noted in our Return Policy Exceptions.

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Can you return something after opening it Home Depot?

Home Depot Return Policy for Opened Items

You are still allowed to return opened items to Home Depot within 90s days if you still have the original packaging and receipt.

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What items are not returnable at Home Depot?

Wallpaper, Paint & Flooring Samples: Wallpaper and flooring samples are not returnable. However, if you believe you have received an incorrect sample, please call Online Customer Support at 1-800-430-3376 for a replacement. Utility Trailers: Utility trailers are not returnable.

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Will Home Depot cut lumber to length for you?

If you have a big project coming up and don't have a truck, you might be wondering “will Home Depot cut wood for me?” The short answer is yes, they will cut wood for you.

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Can you return unused lumber?

If it's lumber that's been sitting outside warping in the rain, you're unlikely to get your money back, though that's at the discretion of the store manager. Some stores might take cut wood if it was sold by the foot. Also — and this should go without saying — your refund on returned materials will be what you paid.

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Can you return lumber to Home Depot without a receipt?

Returns made without a valid sales receipt may be refunded as a Store Credit at the lowest advertised price. Cash and cash equivalent purchases exceeding $1,000 may be refunded by check sent from The Home Depot's corporate office.

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How much does it cost to cut lumber at Home Depot?

A wood cutting station is available in almost all locations and the first wood cut is free of charge. Most stores will offer to cut a few pieces for free but will proceed to charge $0.25 per cut on average for all additional cuts. The accuracy of the cuts required are not guaranteed.

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Does Home Depot sell returned items?

If you're wondering how to buy Home Depot returns at liquidation pricing, you've come to the right place. The Home Depot typically sells off returned items by the truckload or in bulk by the pallet. Many times an auction will include one or two dozen pallets of items in one order.

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Can you return lumber to Menards?

Please bring your receipt or order confirmation email to the Service Desk located at the entrance to the store to return products purchased at any Menards® location to any store. Products purchased on MENARDS.COM® can also be returned to any store.

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What is the return policy for at home?

If an item you purchased is damaged or defective, please return it within 60 days to your nearest store for a refund. While we're not able to offer exchanges, customers are welcome to return any unwanted merchandise and purchase new items. *we allow up to 3 returns without a receipt.

Home depot return policy on lumber? (2023)

How many times can you return at Home Depot without a receipt?

Home Depot does not specify exactly how much customers can return without proof of purchase. However, it is likely that each store uses discretion to decide whether a customer is abusing the return policy. Home Depot keeps track of customers who request no-receipt returns.


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