Can i return unopened paint to home depot? (2023)

Does Home Depot accept unopened paint?

You can return most interior, exterior, and spray paints to Home Depot within 30 days of your purchase. You can return white paint to Home Depot if it is unopened and unused within 30 days of purchase. You cannot return mixed paint to Home Depot, especially if you mix the paint yourself.

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What is Home Depot's return policy on paint?

Paint Satisfaction Guarantee Policy: If you are not satisfied with your interior or exterior liquid paint purchase, bring your paint and receipt back to the store within 30 days of purchase. We will make it right by correcting your paint or giving you a comparable can of paint.

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Can you return unopened mixed paint?

If there is one fact about purchasing mixed paint, it is this: Mixed paint cannot be returned to the store. Most paint stores prominently display signs to this effect near the paint mixing counter. Mixed paint is so unique that it is almost impossible for paint retailers to resell it.

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What items are not returnable at Home Depot?

Wallpaper, Paint & Flooring Samples: Wallpaper and flooring samples are not returnable. However, if you believe you have received an incorrect sample, please call Online Customer Support at 1-800-430-3376 for a replacement. Utility Trailers: Utility trailers are not returnable.

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Can you return unopened cans of paint to Lowes?

Paint Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied with your interior and exterior liquid paint, stain or resurfacers purchase, simply bring it in its original container to any US Lowe's store along with your receipt within 30 days of purchase.

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Can you use unopened paint?

Unopened Paint

The good news is that if you have an unopened can of paint that has been stored properly, it's almost guaranteed to still be fine to use. Unopened latex and water-based acrylic paints can last up to 10 years and alkyd and oil-based paints can last up to 15 years.

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Will Home Depot adjust paint color?

If you have paint you purchased at Home Depot and would like to make it a darker color, the staff at the paint department will adjust the color of your paint with an extra shot of pigment.

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Can I return paint to Lowes after 30 days?

If you're not completely satisfied with your Lowe's purchase, simply return the merchandise to any Lowe's store in the US. Most new, unused merchandise can be refunded or exchanged with proof of purchase within 90 days of the original purchase date, unless noted in our Return Policy Exceptions.

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Does Home Depot take used returns?

Can Items Be Opened or Used? Officially, “No”. Unofficially, “Yes”. If you still have the original packaging, receipt, and still within 90 days, you can return most opened or used items.

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How long can you use unopened paint?

When stored properly, an unopened can of latex or oil-based paint should have a shelf life of 2 years. The best storage for paint is in a cool, dry area, away from extreme hot and cold temperatures. Paint should never be allowed to freeze and should be stored away from furnaces and other heat-generating appliances.

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Can you put leftover paint back in the can?

The key to long term paint storage it to keep out as much air as possible. If the can is almost full simply replace the lid and it'll be fine. If there is only a little paint left it's best to transfer the paint into a smaller airtight container.

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What happens if you buy the wrong paint?

While it varies between retailers, the general rule of thumb is that if the paint has been custom tinted then it's not returnable or exchangeable. However, if you can prove it's a mixing error on behalf of the store, you can request a free replacement.

Can i return unopened paint to home depot? (2023)

What does Home Depot do with their returned items?

If you're wondering how to buy Home Depot returns at liquidation pricing, you've come to the right place. The Home Depot typically sells off returned items by the truckload or in bulk by the pallet. Many times an auction will include one or two dozen pallets of items in one order.

Does Home Depot accept returns without packaging?

They also don't state if your item has to be unopened to be eligible for returns. According to RVandPlaya, you can usually return opened items to Home Depot, but the final decision is up to the manager. You can increase your chances for a full refund by bringing the item's original packaging and your receipt.

Why does Home Depot ask for ID when returning?

Stores will often ask you to show your driver's license (or other government-issued ID) when you return a purchase and then record your information along with information about the returned items to help identify patterns of return fraud or abuse.

Will Lowes take back mixed paint?

Proof of purchase and a valid ID are required per Lowe's Color Guarantee. Please remember that only liquid pain can be returned. Mixed, custom or tinted paints are not eligible for return. Store managers may refuse to accept paint returns if there is suspicion of fraud or abuse.

Is wall paint a mixture?

Paint is a mixture of four basic ingredients: pigments, resins, solvents, and additives. Pigment is the color, and resin is the binder, or glue.

Can you return unopened paint to Benjamin Moore?

Unused, non-tinted paint, stain or primer or unopened merchandise that was picked up at the store location can be returned to the same location the merchandise was purchased. The Benjamin Moore Color Match Tool can be returned for a full refund within 30 days from date of purchase.

How long does Behr paint last?

Behr's water-based paints should be good for two years, says Edrosa, while Sherwin-Williams' cans boast a three-year shelf life, says Fiorilli.

How long does paint last in a bucket?

This depends on whether you've maintained the proper storage conditions. New, never-opened cans of latex or oil paint usually last about three years. If you store a can of opened paint properly and don't expose the paint to air, it may last up to a couple of years.

Where do you store unopened paint?

Store leftover paint in a dry place that is out of direct sunlight. Paint should be stored out of reach of children and away from food and drink. Most types of leftover latex paint, including AURA®, REGAL® and ben®, should be stored either in a lined metal can to prevent rust, or a glass or plastic container.

Does paint darken or lighten as it dries?

Does Paint Dry Darker or Lighter? Paints typically dry darker, particularly oil, acrylic, and latex paints. However, that doesn't mean it will look different than what's on the paint swatch. If you mix the paint properly, it should look the same as the color you picked out once it dries.

How long does Home Depot paint last?

Unopened water based paint and latex paint will last for 10 years if they don't freeze. Leftover paint should be used within two years.

Can I bring paint to Home Depot to match?

Home Depot can match any paint you need. To have your paint matched at Home Depot, bring a paint sample, an empty can of the paint, a piece of fabric, or a phone image of the color you need to match. You can also use Home Depot's Project Color app to compare and match paints from your smartphone.

Does Lowe's shake paint for free?

Get free paint shaking or re-tinting from Home Depot and Lowe's. Home Depot and Lowe's both provide a good amount of freebies, including: free paint shaking or re-tinting. Lowe's and Home Depot's policy states that the paint must have been bought at their store in order to get the free service.


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